Process Parameters


Process parameter plays a key role in the quality of the yarn, it includes deep analysis on raw materials used in the manufacture and machine speeds & settings are very important.
Any count Suitable process parameter is important. And if we get the best report on process parameter we can clearly certify that the yarn is good at quality.

Physical Inspection


Physical inspection is important for the export goods. Here we include different types of parameters like colour coding, net weight, gross weight and etc. We inspect into deep layers of the product making steps, Cones labelling and tail ends, cut ends, UV lamp and contamination shade variation checking important cones net weight. Here we find the physical disorder in the product before the time of delivery it and we check out all the problems before the time of export.

Lab Testing

testing service

Lab testing is done at 65%RH lab condition for getting correct results through yarn Lab testing and cotton quality checking in HVI instrument and Yarn CSP testing is important so that we can find the count and strength of yarn. Imperfections testing is one of the important testing in quality find out of yarn hairiness of the and thin places, thick places, Neps. If the yarn gets these three values as good so that the quality will be graded as the best fabric. Here we can say that -50 thin place was good avoid warping breaks.