Endmost random inspection ( ERI)

This was the final or endmost random checking, here we check at the 80% packed goods that were ready on floor for shipping.
We inform all the details of the product inspection parameters to the buyers for taking futher step in the shippment.

Our inspection procedure:

In the first step we check the raw material of the yarn used
We verify the contamination in cotton and rejections, grading process and trash analysing
we do keen analysis on housekeeping , process parameters, speed settings of the individual machine and we collect all the data of theparameters mentioned.
We verify the physically available packed cartons and we take the snap shots of carton boxes shipping markings, count details, gross weight, net weight, strapping and lot numbers details.
We pick randomly some of the carton boxes for inspection and we check the gross weight, net weight and we take the snap shots at each and every step in the process for the record purpose.
We verify the carton box strength , pads and plys by taking the snap shots.
We check thepacking style of the carton box, wheather it was in horizontal or vertical pattern.
We take the snap shots of the packed cone and unpacked cone nose and base views, including con tip colour and tile end and cone label snaps.
We verify the physical inspection like cut ends, stiches, ...etc and contamination checking in UV Lamp for shade variation of the cones that were from the randomly pick carton boxes.
We also inspect the net weight of the cones from the randomly picked cartons.

We take the cones randomly from the carton boxes for Lab testing at 65% of RH condition in Lab, that includes CSP, IPI, TPI, RKM, classimate faults, rewinding study and also the apperarence too.
We also check the splicing strength of the yarn running in the machine.
We also collect the data of the Auto conar settings cutts of the yarn.
We prepare the detailed report on the inspected goods and we give the brief analysis of the product feedback to the buyer.
In rewinding study we analyze the unwinding breaks of the cone.