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We will give you the best to get your product tested as per international safety standards and mandatory norms. And we provide you the best tested analysis by inspecting textile quality in brief manner through our qualified checking inspection procedure.

Initial production check(IPC).

An Initial Production Inspection will ensure your specifications are understood by the factory and to prevent any potential flaws in the production resources, materials, schedules, management and more.

Endmost Random Inspection (ERI)

This was the final or endmost random checking, here we check at the 80% packed goods that were ready on floor for shipping. We inform all the details of the product inspection parameters to the buyers for taking futher step in the shippment.

Container Stuffing Checking(CSC)

We personally be along with the process of loading shipment and we care about each and every single carton box to be safe without any damage till the end of the loading, if find any of the damaged one we will be very particular about its replacement while shipping.

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